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Antoneli Sinder is a Brazilian native based in Canada, splitting life between Latin America, Africa and Europe. She was recently a Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Lisbon. She is a lecturer and researcher working on the Literature, Language, Visual Arts, and Education fields. 


Antoneli holds a Ph.D. in Literature, Culture, and Contemporaneity from Pontifical Catholic University in Rio with a CNPQ Scholarship, and an MA in Vernacular Languages/Sociolinguistics Program from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. During her doctoral research, she was a Visiting Researcher at Copenhagen University,  in Denmark, with a CAPES Scholarship for a year. Her Award-winning doctoral thesis, “Ficções de Infância. Clarice Lispector,” was published in 2018. 


Sinder had her Full Teaching undergraduate degree, Licentiate in Letters in Portuguese and English Languages and Literatures at Fluminense Federal University. She has four Lato Sensu Postgraduate Courses, specializing in Educational Supervision, Educational Institutions' Business Management, PsychoEducation, and Art Teaching, with extensive education in Art at State University of Rio de Janeiro, Visual Arts School of Parque Lage in Rio, and Curating and Exhibition Design at Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin. 


Sinder has been a lecturer for more than 25 years, with extensive research, teaching and work experience in Pedagogical Supervision, Teaching Training, Educational Business Management, production, and review of pedagogical materials in Portuguese Language, Literatures, and Writing, with a special dedication to children's literature.

Her current research interests are an interplay between Childhood and Youth Studies and Luso-Afro-Brazilian literatures and cultures, and Latin American Studies.


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